Projects receiving CiF loans represent $2.6 billion in total investment

Projects receiving CiF loans represent $2.6 billion in total investment and created or preserved over 15,000 jobs since CiF was founded in 2009. The financing provided terms and/or additional resources not otherwise available in the market and critical to the success of the projects.

Where we operate

CiF is authorized to finance projects in parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. That area includes the metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh – with a total population of more than 9.5 million.


CiF has demonstrated commitment to public-private partnerships, with cooperative agreements with port authorities across Ohio and the regional chamber of commerce.

100% Success Rate

All applications that have been processed by the federal government from CiF investors for permanent residency status have been approved and all investors due return of their capital have been repaid – an unprecedented 100% success rate.

 Open EB-5 Offering Available

CiF is currently in the market with an open EB-5 offering. Please contact us for more information.


CiF works only with proven, quality developers, but does not have an exclusive relationship with any, ensuring that investors are CiF’s top priority.


CiF has an extensive worldwide fundraising track record including in the largest EB-5 market, most notably in China.


Has had more than 460 I-526 approvals, 200+ I-829 approvals and 11 I-924 approvals through February 18, 2021.

“ The EB-5 program has enjoyed significant successes. For example, the Cleveland International Fund, an EB-5 program that serves parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania, has pumped $225 million into an array successful, scandal-free projects. Those projects include the rebirth of the Flats East Bank, what had been a downtrodden riverfront section of Cleveland, which resulted in substantial, subsequent private investment in that urban neighborhood that continues today. ”
Steve Strnisha, Contributor Forbes 4/25/17