Cleveland International Fund (CiF) is a successful EB-5 Regional Center that connects foreign investors seeking U.S. residency to quality real estate developments in the United States. The EB-5 program is sanctioned by the U.S. Government.

CiF was founded in 2009 and has raised and invested more than $280 million into an array of large-scale projects concentrated in North East, Ohio. CiF focuses primarily on financing projects relating to commercial development, mixed-use construction and the healthcare sector.

Foreign investors have had an excellent success rate working with CiF in obtaining their green cards and having their EB-5 investments repaid in a timely and responsible fashion. There has been a 100% approval rate of permanent green card status for CiF investors. 1,000+ conditional green cards have been issued to investors through CiF offerings.

CiF has also had an excellent relationship with commercial real estate developers.  We work only with proven, quality developers.

CiF is headquartered in the heart of the Midwest – Cleveland, Ohio – and is available to assist the financing needs in metropolitan and rural areas covering a population of more than 9.5 million people. Our staff is knowledgeable and accessible and while most of our investors are from China, we have attracted investment from around the world.

Forming a relationship with a Regional Center is a big step for an investor.  We understand that fully.  That’s why the CiF is dedicated to quality investments and working closely with our investors & their immigration attorneys throughout the entire process. Of this we are certain:  No other Regional Center treats its investors better than CiF.